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  • Mitsubishi Estate’s logistics REIT to be listed on September 14 08.08.2017

    Mitsubishi Estate Logistics REIT will be listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on September 14. It will be a REIT that invests mainly in logistics facilities, and will be the second listed REIT sponsored by the Mitsubishi Estate group, the first being office REIT Japan Real Estate (JRE) Mitsubishi Jisho Investment Advisors of Chiyoda-ku will be the asset manager for the REIT.>>

  • Blackstone gains agreement for acquisition of Australian REIT Astro 08.04.2017

    Australia-based Astro Japan Property Group agreed to accept the acquisition proposal from U.S. fund Blackstone Group on August 1. The acquisition price is approximately 37.9 billion yen [$340 million]. The substantive acquisition price considering borrowings is equivalent to approximately 98.6 billion yen [$870 million].>>

  • Sekisui House suffers Y6.3bn fraud damages in Tokyo land transaction 08.03.2017

    On August 2, Sekisui House revealed that its acquisition funds were subject to swindle upon purchasing land for for-sale condominiums within Tokyo. The financial damage reached 6.3 billion yen [$56 million], and they are currently pursuing both civil and criminal actions.>>

  • Aichi Prefecture selling large retail facility in September bid 07.19.2017

    The Aichi Prefectural Government will sell retail facility Tokadai Newtown Town Center (a.k.a. Peare) through a bid. The minimum price was not revealed, and bids will be accepted from July 28 to September 7 and unsealed on September 25. An on-site briefing will be held on July 26 and 27 prior to the bidding. >>

  • Ichigo to acquire Centro for Y3.2bn in M&A 07.04.2017

    Ichigo will acquire Centro, a real estate company based in Minato-ku, through a special purpose company on July 3. The acquisition price is approximately 3.2 billion yen [$28 million] and Ichigo will make a 100% silent partnership investment in the SPC. >>

  • NTT Urban invests in U.S. fund manager 04.25.2017

    NTT Urban Development announced on April 21 that it acquired 15% equity interest in Normandy Real Estate Management, a U.S. real estate investment company, as of April 1. Normandy Real Estate Management is the real estate fund arm of Normandy Real Estate Partners, a real estate company based in New Jersey. Its AUM is $3.3 billion and it manages several funds that invest in offices, residences, hotels, etc. mainly in the east coast of the U.S. including New York. >>

  • SIA REIT to be renamed One REIT 04.17.2017

    SIA REIT, which is sponsored by Mizuho Trust & Banking, will be renamed One REIT. The word "One" will be added to the name of the REIT responding to the "One Mizuho" strategy of the Mizuho Financial Group, which emphasizes advanced integration of its group companies. The rebranding of the REIT aims to maximize unitholder value through the cooperation of the sponsor and the management company. The renaming will be formally decided at the investors’ meeting on May 23. >>

  • GPIF to hire real estate managers domestically and internationally 04.12.2017

    Government Pension Investment Fund of Japan (GPIF) started to publicly recruit institutions managing alternative assets on April 11. It is utilizing its Asset Manager Registration System and the real estate field was newly added to the target in addition to private equity and infrastructure the fields that were recruited from before. It will be a big step towards entry into real estate investment for the public pension fund managing a total of approximately 145 trillion yen [$1.3 trillion]. >>

  • Daniel Cox to be appointed as representative in Japan at Grosvenor 04.05.2017

    Daniel Cox will be appointed as the Chief Representative of Japan at U.K. Grosvenor on June 1. Cox lived in Japan for approximately 20 years and for 11 years during his stay, he was engaged in disposal of non-performing loans, corporate revitalization, real estate investment and other businesses at Citigroup Japan. Cox will also serve as the Managing Director of Hong Kong-based Grosvenor Asia Pacific. >>

  • Japan Post Bank hires Hiroyuki Tanaka from HK fund Phoenix 04.04.2017

    It became clear that Japan Post Bank hired Hiroyuki Tanaka as Director in charge of its Real Estate Investment Department. He started working from March 1. Until recently he belonged to the Japanese entity of Hong Kong-based Phoenix Property Investors. Before that, he worked at Aetos Japan, Development Bank of Japan, Morgan Stanley Japan Securities and Macquarie Capital Securities and has been involved in real estate acquisitions for most of his career. >>


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