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    Feature: Logistics Market More Supply to be Delivered Logistics facilities supply to hit new record in Tokyo in 2015

    The development of large logistics facilities for lease has been accelerating. In the Tokyo metropolitan area, new supply, which had subsided, is expected to increase in 2015 again setting a new record. Even in the Kansai region, where there was no supply for past several years, ten new logistics facilities will be completed in the next three years. However, .....

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    • Kashiwabara Building being demolished


      Kyobashi office to be reconstructed as hotel

      Kashiwabara Biru, an affiliate of paper trading company Kashiwabara-Kami of Chuo-ku, will commence the construction of a hotel with over 200 guestrooms on Chuo-dori Street in Kyobashi, Chuo-ku in February 2015. The project calls for an office building owned by the company and bearing its name to be reconstructed as a hotel. The completion of construction is targeted for October 2016.

    • NREG Akihabara Building West


      Drug store operator moving to NREG Akihabara

      Welcia Holdings, a drug store chain operator, and its subsidiary Welcia Yakkyoku will relocate their headquarters to Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku by December 2014. The companies will lease about 925 tsubo [3,060 m2] in NREG Akihabara Building West, leasing the building in its entirety.

    • Meguro Gajoen: Arco Tower on the right, with Arco Tower Annex seen behind the roof of the hotel entrance.


      Lone Star let GIC walk away, lingering feud haunts deal

      There is a behind-the-scenes saga regarding the abrupt retreat of Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC) from the supposedly sure-fire acquisition of Meguro Gajoen. Documents from an associated trial reveal the inside story played by Lone Star, owners of the majority portion of the Meguro Gajoen complex for 12 and a half years, and family members of its founder, who retain a portion of leased land for the property and currently under legal dispute. The acquisition was finally settled by Mori Trust on August 29, through alleged joint investment with a different sovereign wealth fund, for approximately 130 billion yen [$1.2 billion]. GIC in turn bid for Pacific Century Place Marunouchi in front of Tokyo Station instead.

    • Rendering of City Gate Towers (Courtesy of Creed Asia Investment)


      Creed to invest $28mn in Vietnam, shifting to SE Asia

      Shinjuku-ku's Creed Asia Investment (formerly Creed) will invest 600 billion dong [$28 million] in the City Gate Towers development project in Vietnam. The company signed a business collaboration agreement with NBB Investment Corporation, a publically-traded real estate company in Vietnam, on September 9. This will be Creed's first foray into Vietnam.

    • Nihonbashi-Honcho YS Building


      Drug firm GNI moving to Nihonbashi

      Pharmaceutical company the GNI Group will move to the third floor in the Nihonbashi-Honcho YS Building in Chuo-ku on September 22.

    • Hakodate Rich Hotel Goryokaku (photo: Yoko Toshikaihatsu)


      Hong Kong business SiS obtains hotels in Hokkaido

      Hong Kong-based SiS International Holdings acquired Dormy Inn Premium Otaru, a business hotel in Otaru City, Hokkaido. The purchase was made through a special purpose company in July 2014 and the price was 2.7 billion yen.

    • Shinagawa Intercity Tower C (left; photo: Tsuyoshi Tamai)


      Zenrin DataCom relocating to Shinagawa

      Map service provider Zenrin DataCom will relocate its headquarters to Shinagawa Intercity Tower C in Konan, Minato-ku in January 2015. The move is aimed at reducing its rent and the company will lease half a floor in the building, which has a typical floor plate of 652 tsubo [2,160 m2]. The leased area will remain almost the same before and after the move.

    • Yuasa Trading Headquarters Building


      Trading company selling HQ building, annex for Y6bn

      Machinery and construction equipment trading company Yuasa Trading decided to sell its headquarters building and annex in Nihonbashi-Odenmacho, Chuo-ku. The decision was made on On September 11. The book value of the properties was approximately 3.7 billion yen [$35 million] as of March. The sale price is estimated at around 6 billion yen [$56 million], based on the announcement that the company plans to post a capital gain of about 2.3 billion yen [$22 million].

    • Sun Marks Dainichi Station Residence (Courtesy of Mantomi Asset Management)


      Mantomi acquires retail part of former Sanyo Electric plant site redevelopment

      It has come to light that Mantomi Asset Management of Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture obtained retail space in the redevelopment area of the former Sanyo Electric site. The transaction took place in March 2014 and the sellers were Osaka City's Sanyo Homes and Tokyu Land.

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  • 3 Creed to invest $28mn in Vietnam, shifting to SE Asia
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  • 1 Hong Kong business SiS obtains hotels in Hokkaido
  • 2 Lone Star let GIC walk away, lingering feud haunts deal
  • 3 Creed to invest $28mn in Vietnam, shifting to SE Asia
  • 4 Itochu, Mapletree to construct Y20bn Osaka logistics facility
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  • 10 Zenrin DataCom relocating to Shinagawa
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  • 8 Prologis REIT acquiring five logistics facilities for Y45.5bn
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  • 10 Lone Star let GIC walk away, lingering feud haunts deal

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