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    Feature: 2016 Rents Move In of Large Relocations Rents hitting ceiling in some areas

    The vacancy rate continued to decrease gradually in the 2016 Tokyo rental office market following the previous year. Relocations by famous companies were seen one after another and relocation demand to surrounding areas further increased due to a sense of shortage in central Tokyo. However, contracted rents only increased...

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    • 03.23.2017

      Nomura Master Fund to acquire four properties for Y17bn

      REIT Nomura Real Estate Master Fund will acquire four properties including Landport Kashiwa Shonan I, a logistics facility, on March 31. The seller is Nomura Real Estate Development and the total acquisition price will be approximately 16.9 billion yen [$150 million]. Following these transactions, the REIT’s acquisition price-based AUM will be approximately 952.5 billion yen [$8.2 billion] in 273 properties.

    • 03.23.2017

      Hotel operator Breezbay wins foreclosure bid for Hatchobori, Chuo-ku office

      Breezbay Hotel of Yokohama City, which is engaged in the operation, acquisition and rejuvenation of hotels, acquired the Kayabacho Dai-Ni Nagaoka Building, an office property in Hatchobori, Chuo-ku. The property was obtained in a foreclosure sale in March 2017. The winning price was 1.11 billion yen [$9.6 million] and the bench mark price was 408.64 million yen [$3.5 million].

    • 03.23.2017

      Railway operator Keisei developing apartment building in Negishi, Taito-ku

      Keisei Electric Railway will commence the construction of a rental apartment building on land it owns in Negishi, Taito-ku in April 2017. The apartment building to be constructed will have 13 floors above ground with 1,469 m2 of gross floor area.

    • 03.23.2017

      Music studio in Shinjuku changes hands

      Shinjuku-ku real estate company Mitsuboshi Fudosan Service acquired the House Port Shinjuku Building in Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku. The transaction took place in October 2016 and the seller was Basilica, which is also based in Shinjuku-ku and is engaged in real estate property management.

    • 03.23.2017

      Tokyu Land private REIT acquires apartment in Osaka

      Broadia Private REIT, a private REIT affiliated with Tokyu Land, acquired Splendid Yodoyabashi Due, a rental apartment with 227 residential units in Chuo-ku, Osaka City, in December 2016. The seller was Osaka-City based Shinwa Toshi Kaihatsu, a real estate company of Shinwa Construction group.

    • 03.22.2017

      MIPIM: Cannes closed with Japan showing presence

      MIPIM, the largest real estate conference in the world, closed on March 17. According to the organizer, the number of participants was 24,200, of which, 5,000 were investors and from financial institutions. Multiple programs concerning the Japanese market were held among the sessions that numbered more than 100 just with official programs.

    • 03.22.2017

      Mori Hills REIT incorporating Toranomon Hills, Holland Hills into portfolio

      Mori Hills REIT will acquire Toranomon Hills Mori Tower and Holland Hills Mori Tower in August 2017. The REIT will obtain partial ownership to the properties and the seller is its sponsor Mori Building. The REIT will also sell the compartmentalized ownership in Motoazabu Hills, a rental apartment building in Minato-ku, to Mori Building. The handover will take place on July 31. Following this series of transactions, the acquisition price-based AUM of the REIT will expand to 352.5 billion yen [$3 billion] in 11 properties.

    • 03.22.2017

      Star Asia to acquire six properties including hotels for Y13.6bn

      REIT Star Asia, which is sponsored by Star Asia Group of the U.S., concluded a contract on March 17 to acquire six properties including hotels. The total acquisition price is approximately 13.62 billion yen [$120 million]. The properties will be handed over on April 6. The most expensive property out of those contracted this time is Best Western Tokyo Nishikasai. The price is approximately 3.83 billion yen [$33 million].

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  • 2 Star Asia to acquire six properties including hotels for Y13.6bn
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